News & Reports

Here you will find brief announcements, information on upcoming STAC meetings, Society news such as information on upcoming conferences and the annual meetings, and reminders. Occasionally, Board and Committee announcements will be posted here with additional details provided on the web pages of the individual Boards and Committees. This page will also contain Society and STAC meeting minutes and reports.


Reports & Plans

STAC Reports to Council and EC
STAC Annual Meeting Summaries
Council Meeting Minutes
STAC Five Year Plans
Membership Breakdown of STAC Boards and Committees

This spreadsheet contains the breakout of STAC Board and Committee membership for the current (or most recent) year with the following categories:

Sector of the Weather Enterprise; Gender; AMS Member Category (type of membership); Board/Committee Roles; Country of Residence; State of Residence; Decade of the birth of members.

Similar breakouts provided for Board and Committee Chairs.