The Commission on Professional Affairs is one of the six commissions of the American Meteorological Society that report directly to the AMS Council.  Mike Augustyniak (CBS News) is the current commissioner on professional affairs; Erica Grow (AccuWeather) is the incoming commissioner.  Maureen McCann (Spectrum News), Jay Trobec (KELO-TV), and John Morales (NBC Miami, ClimaData) are past commissioners.

The seven boards that operate within this commission represent professional meteorologists in various areas of the weather industry, including the oversight of all AMS certifications.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on one of the these boards, please contact the respective board chair. Volunteers are always needed to serve on boards and committees, to help organize conferences and workshops, and to participate in outreach initiatives. 

Board of Broadcast Meteorology
Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists
Board on Continuing Professional Development
Board for Early Career Professionals
Board for Operational Government Meteorologists
Board for Private Sector Meteorologists


The Commissioner on Professional Affairs, in a cross-commission effort with the Education and Engagement Commissioner, also oversees two student and early career initiatives.

Early Career Leadership Academy
Board on Student Affairs