Requirements to Enter Peer Review

  1. Adherence to all specified formatting requirements.  Note that LaTeX authors should use the Journals LaTeX Manuscript Template.
  2. Author disclosure: When a submission is created the author will be asked to confirm that the manuscript has not been previously published in any language and whether it is under consideration for publication by another journal. The author must promptly inform the chief editor if it is submitted for publication elsewhere before its disposition by the journal.
  3. All files uploaded and designated with correct item types: All files must be uploaded to the publication’s Editorial Manager manuscript tracking system website. Please read and follow all on-screen instructions when creating a submission. Once all fields are complete, and all files are uploaded correctly, a PDF file for peer review can be generated. Please view this built PDF carefully before approving it to enter peer review.
  4. Cost Estimation and Agreement Worksheet: Using the form for journal authors or form for BAMS authors, an estimation of page and color charges must be calculated based on the number of manuscript pages, number of figure files, and number of color figure files (NOT required for Comments, Replies, or manuscripts submitted to Earth Interactions or Weather, Climate, and Society). An author must either commit to paying the estimated page charges or apply for a page charge waiver. Instructions for applying for a waiver are listed on the form.
  5. Electronic co-author verification: When the corresponding author approves a submission an email is automatically sent to each co-author requesting that he/she click the link in the email to verify co-authorship. Please ensure the email addresses are current and correctly input for each co-author. The co-authors entered in the upload system must match the list of co-authors included on the manuscript title page.

The official date of submission is the date that a manuscript is approved by the author in an acceptable format and adheres to all waiver agreement parameters (if applicable). If an author-approved submission is returned to the author for corrections or modifications, the author will reapprove the submission and the later approval date will be the official date of submission. Note that the AMS tracking system, which records these dates, is set to Eastern (US) time zone, and it is ET (US) times and dates that are recorded, not the times and dates of the author’s time zone.

After meeting the AMS submission and formatting requirements, manuscripts are sent to the chief editor’s office to begin peer review. See Peer Review Information for an explanation of the review process.