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AMS Diversity Statement

The American Meteorological Society promotes the participation of a full and diverse community in all activities of the Society on the basis of professional attributes alone. Such activities include publications, meetings, conferences, education awards and honors, and employment. The Society firmly believes that discrimination based on any nonmerit factor will prevent the Society from reaching is full potential. Accordingly, it is the policy of the Society to encourage the fullest diversity of its participants and to ensure that all of the Society's activities will be carried out free of nonmerit discriminatory practices.

Statement on Open Meetings

All meetings of AMS committees, boards, and the Council are, in principle, open to members of the Society, although portions of some meetings may be held in executive session when dealing with personnel issues, awards, or other matters of confidential nature.

As a matter of courtesy and to ensure adequately sized meeting rooms, members wishing to observe a particular committee, board, or Council meeting should contact its chairperson in advance. Members may request a place on the agenda by following a similar procedure. Please feel free to contact AMS Headquarters for assistance.