The Editor's Award


The Editor’s Award is given to an individual who has contributed a referee’s report of outstanding merit on a manuscript submitted for publication in one of the Society’s journals. It draws attention to the fact that the quality of our journals depends in a crucial way upon the reviewing process, and that this process is one to which a large segment of the scientific community contributes much time and painstaking effort, largely unheralded, in a spirit of selfless commitment to the ideals of accuracy and lucidity in scientific writing. Nominations are considered by the Publications Commission, which makes recommendations for final approval by AMS Council.


Special Procedure

The Publications Commissioner oversees a process in which the journals’ Editorial Boards recommend individuals for outstanding service to the journals. The service generally takes the form of providing exceptional reviews in a timely fashion or providing reviews of difficult papers. Other forms of service are also recognized including providing Editors advice about disparate reviews and adjudicating controversies between reviewers and authors. Each journal nominates at least one individual per year, but additional awards can be given for journals with high submission rates based on a formula that equates one award for each 500 submissions each year. The total number of Editor’s Awards is currently capped at 15, one for each of the ten journals, plus 5 because the total journal submissions were about 2500 in 2009.