Private Sector Mentorship Program

Registration for the 2018 Mentorship Program is now closed!

We have begun the pairing process and all participates will recieve a first contact email in 1-2 weeks. We look foward to a great year and students/ECP, make sure you make the best of this opportunity!

Changes for the 2018 Mentorship Program
  • The AMS BPSM Mentorship Program will be switching from running an academic year to a calendar year. We hope this better accomodates both undergraduate seniors and mentors.



Goals of the Program

  • To establish mentorship relationships between advanced undergraduate and graduate meteorology and atmospheric science students and professionals in private industry.
  • To facilitate mutual learning and growth through the collection and exchange of information and advice on professional career development.
  • To sustain organic growth of the professional network of mentors and students.

Mentoring Program Testimonials

My mentor gave me a new perspective on the field of meteorology and helped me see different possible career options for when I graduate.  This was a wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that will benefit any direction I take with my career.  Although we don’t communicate as much as we used to, she remains vested in my personal and professional growth and success!
– Kathleen Dougherty, University of Oklahoma

My experience with my mentor has been so rewarding to me in so many ways.  Not only with her guidance in schooling and professional work, she has also been a great friend to me.  She has been influential in critical decision making in my career in the atmospheric sciences and has introduced me to a new world of networking.  My career experience wouldn’t be the same without her.
– Karretta Venable, Columbus State University