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Choosing a Submission Type

Below are the three most common submission type accepted by the journals followed by additional submission types specific to some journals. 

Monthly Weather Review
Monthly Weather Review
  • Review – A Review Article reflects excellent scholarship that synthesizes previously published literature. Authors of Reviews may address successes, failures, and limitations of previous works.
  • Picture of the Month - A Note emphasizing imagery of weather phenomena of interest to the meteorological community.
  • Annual Weather Summary – An extensive overview of, for example, an entire season of hurricane activity. A Summary may be granted a higher word count, at the Chief Editor's discretion.
Weather, Climate, and Society
Weather, Climate, and Society
  • Policy Fora – Policy fora synthesize or integrate policy debates with scientific research.  Length can be up to 1500 words.
  • Reviews – Reviews of books, workshops, and gray literature are solicited by the editors.  The editors also welcome proposals for reviews.
  • Discussion – Comments from readers, not to exceed 500 words, may be written in response to a published article, note, or forum.  The author of the article being commented upon always has the opportunity to write a reply.  These exchanges are published together.
Weather and Forecasting
Weather and Forecasting
  • NCEP Notes - Report on changes to the suite of operational numerical models and postprocessing techniques.
  • Forecaster's Forum - Available for readers who wish to express opinions about forecasting problems and experiences that are of general interest to forecasters.
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