Shalini Mohleji

Shalini Mohleji

Shali Mohleji is a Senior Policy Fellow with the American Meteorological Society Policy Program. Her interest areas focus on science policy, including how scientists engage in the policy process and the culture of science, and natural disaster policy related to socioeconomic impacts, institutional dynamics, and governance.

Her research focuses on natural disaster economic losses and their policy implications. Her teaching experience includes a new graduate course on science policy for the University of Miami, a senior course on natural disasters for the University of Colorado, and a natural disasters course for the FEMA Emergency Management Institute.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in environmental sciences, with a focus in atmospheric sciences, from the University of Virginia; a Master's degree in atmospheric sciences, with a focus in boundary layer meteorology, from Purdue University; and a PhD from the University of Colorado's Center for Science and Technology Policy Research.


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Higgins, Paul A.T. and Shalini Mohleji.(2014). Weather and climate in the FY 2015 Budget. In: AAAS Report XXXIX, Research and Development FY 2015. The American Association for the Advancement of Science. Washington, DC.