Anita's Eye Towards the Sky

Welcome to Anita’s Eye towards the Sky.

Here you will find a series of short papers which summarize the science behind a variety of topics related to climate and climate change. These articles are aimed at readers with a general interest in meteorology but who do not have specialized training in the area.

The views expressed are my own and not representative of the AMS.       

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Climate Feedbacks

Changes to the climate can lead to more complex feedback effects.

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Water Vapor

The presence of water vapor in the atmosphere affects both weather and climate.

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Atmospheric Aerosols

Both naturally occurring and man-made aerosol particles can have complex impacts on climate.

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Solar Radiation

Has the Sun’s energy changed and in what ways can it affect climate?

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Cirrus Clouds

What role do clouds, and cirrus clouds in particular, play in climate change? 

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