List of Capitol Hill Briefing Series

Lightning and Public Safety
Lightning: Economic and Public Safety Implications
November 20, 2014

Capitol Hill Briefing

November 20th

10:30am - Cannon House Office Building, Room 210
1:45pm - Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902

This briefing will identify the observations, science, and services that exist to reduce lightning risks to power utilities, airports, public safety, and more. Explore how managers can plan for lightning threats, and discuss what areas need improvement.

Agricultural Runoff and Water Quality
Agricultural Runoff and Water Quality
October 21, 2014

Capitol Hill Briefing

October 21st, 3pm

How agricultural runoff contributes to "dead zones" and harmful algal blooms in coastal and inland waters, the importance of weather and climate factors, and what the agricultural community can do to help improve water quality.

Climate Change and Infectious Disease
Capitol Hill Briefing on Climate Change and Infectious Disease
Friday, February 28 2:00 pm

Friday, February 28 
2:00 pm
Senate Russell 253

Topics to be covered include the controversy over whether climate change will increase the burden of infectious disease, focusing on malaria and other mosquito-transmitted diseases. The nature of the scientific evidence for climate warming increasing infectious disease risk and the potential for new diseases to invade the United States will also be discussed.

List of Past Capitol Hill Briefings
List of Past Capitol Hill Briefings

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