The Charles L. Mitchell Award

Nomination Process and Requirements

The procedure for Awards nominations is restricted to electronic submissions, unless stated otherwise. The nominator is responsible for uploading the entire nomination package. Most awards require the following: nomination letter, nominee Curriculum Vitae, bibliography, and three (3) letters of support.  Please see the special procedures (if any) section below for particular award nomination requirements. Please allow sufficient time prior to the deadline to gather all required files.

The Charles Mitchell Award Committee has the responsibility to select and submit to the Council the names of individuals nominated for this award. All nominations should be submitted by 1 May 2015. The nominees for most awards remain on the committee's active list for three years.  You will be allowed to update an unsuccessful nomination at the beginning of the next award cycle.  Read More

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The Awards for Outstanding Service by a Weather Forecaster are presented to individuals who, through performance of exceptional forecast service, have distinguished themselves and brought credit to their profession. The Society presents the awards in recognition of the great importance of weather forecasting to the public safety and well-being, and the valuable professional services provided by persons who are engaged in forecasting activities.

Nominations are considered by a committee of the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting which makes recommendations for final approval by AMS Council. The Charles L. Mitchell Award is given in recognition of long-term service by individuals engaged in weather forecasting activities.

The Charles L. Mitchell Award


Special Procedures


The AMS Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting serves as the selection committee.